Prepare for your Austin Spray Tan

  • Hydration is important for those dry patches or areas of that skin that easily absorb spray tanning solution. For days leading up to your appointment, drink lots of water and moisturize your skin. On the day of your appointment, though, REMEMBER: no lotion on the skin!  Clean skin (free of all perfumes, deodorant, make-up, lotion or moisturizer) is key to a successful airbrush tan.
  • Shower and exfoliate your entire body prior to your Austin spray tanning appointment: this will remove dead skin cells and get your skin in the best condition for the spray tan. To prepare for your spray tan, consider buying a product that will aid in the removal of dry skin (from any grocery or drug store); just make sure it does not contain oils (examples: shower gels with microbeads or St. Ives Apricot Body Scrub). Scrub your entire body with the exfoliator product and loofah.
  • Shave all soon-to-be-tanned areas 24 hours prior to tanning. This will also remove dead skin (you’ll get the same effect post tan, too), thus shave BEFORE your spray tan appointment.
  • Keep it clean: Do not apply make-up, deodorant or antiperspirant, lotion, or perfume prior to your Austin spray tan session. We are often asked “what if I come straight from work for my appointment?” The answer: just take a quick shower to remove all of these products from the skin – this will ensure you get the BEST airbrush tanning results. Chemicals from lotions, make-up, etc, may interfere with the tanning process.
  • Bring loose, dark clothing for the trip home; you don’t want the airbrush tanning solution to stain your clothes. Bring a hair tie to pull hair up off back and face. Don’t wear anything constricting or tight right after the airbrush tan.

Spray Tan Aftercare

  • Water is not your friend (well..only when it comes to the first 8 hours, that is).  Avoid water until you take your first shower 1-3 hours for a rapid bronze or 8 – 12 hours for regular BronZEN bronze. This includes pedicures, manicures, doing the dishes, rainy days, bathing the kids or dog, etc. One drop and your airbrush tan will come off on that spot! This spray tan aftercare tip ONLY APPLIES TO THE FIRST SHOWER. This means if you get your Austin spray tan 6:00pm or later, you will wait to take your first shower until the next morning. It is recommended that your first shower be a lukewarm rinse. In order to get the most life out of your tan, here are some key things to remember: avoid hot showers, chlorine from hot tubs or a swimming pool, scrubbing the skin, and harsh soaps. Another tip: pat your skin dry with a towel and moisturize your skin thoroughly after each shower.  It really can’t be said enough…..Moisturize, Moisturize, and Moisturize some more!
  • If you go into the sun, use sunscreen. Your tan does not have SPF and will not protect your skin.
  • Do not work out the day of your airbrush tanning appointment. In fact, avoid sweating all day, if possible. This means time your work out several hours (or days) before your spray tan.
  • No physical contact (wink, wink) until after your 1st shower.
  • Do not exfoliate until you are ready for your next BronZEN Airbrush Tanning appointment.