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Our Positive Reviews Filtered by Yelp!


Press: Unethical Business Practices of Yelp!

As the owner of BronZEN I wanted to dedicate a page to share some insight related to the online review company Yelp!.  I had my reservations about featuring this page on my site for months, because I don’t believe in fueling negative energy.  However, in addition to my own unethical experience with Yelp!, I am also contacted weekly by other infuriated business owners seeking camaraderie and retribution.  I decided it was important to speak out and at the very least post the data and press related to the extortion practices of Yelp!  Yelp! censors what is presented to the public  (as in filtering good reviews) to extort advertising revenue out of businesses.  It is important to note that our issue is not poor reviews, but rather how the good AND the bad is presented to the public.  We want very much for everyone to be happy with the products and services we provide, however a 100% stellar rating is often unrealistic. There will be times when we fall short or a miscommunication takes place.  However, poor online reviews is not our complaint, but rather how the presentation of facts is manipulated by Yelp! to corner business owners into advertising on their site.

In closing, we would also like to take this platform opportunity to plead with the public to not take everything you read in online reviews as gospel.  Reviews are a combination of fact, emotion and perception.  It is also important to note that they can also be falsely authored by the competitors, ex-employees and half truths of any given scenario.


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